CONFERD-HP Checklist

Latest version: 221125 (Nov 2022)

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Section/topic Item Checklist item
Title and abstract
Title 1a Identification as a competency framework in the title.
  1b Identification of intended profession and level of practice/stage of training in title.
Structured abstract/summary 2 Structured summary that includes intended user(s) and use(s) of the framework, the purpose of the framework, the development process and methods used.
Definition(s) 3 Defined or referenced definitions for competence, competency and other key terms used to promote understanding of the framework.
Framework development
Rationale and justification 4 Description of rationale and justification for the development of the framework including supportive references where possible.
Purpose and use 5a Description of the purpose of the framework.
  5b Description of the intended use(s) of the framework.
  5c Description of the intended user(s) of the framework.
Developer group 6 Description of the qualifications and expertise of those leading the development of the framework.
Oversight/governance group 7 Description of the group that had oversight of the framework, the purpose and expertise of the group members, how they reviewed the work and/or contributed to the development.
Theoretical/conceptual approach(es) 8 Description of theoretical/conceptual approach(es) used to develop the framework including references and rationale for their use.
Development process
Process and methods 9a Description of each step of the development process.
9b Description of how existing literature was gathered and used to inform the competency framework development. Provide a list of references used.
9c Description of all methods used throughout the development process including associated reference(s) and details of any modifications. 
End-user contributions 10 Description of all stakeholders, including end users of both the framework (e.g., the professional group consulted) and the services (e.g., patients/consumers and other healthcare professionals) who contributed to the development process, how they were selected (with considerations of equity, diversity and inclusion), and how they participated.
Ethics 11 Description of ethical considerations and approvals obtained where applicable.
Evaluation and implementation
Evaluation 12 Description of the approach for evaluating the draft competency framework, including how feedback from stakeholders was gathered and used.
Implementation 13 Suggestion for how the framework should be implemented and in what settings.
Funding and COI
Funding 14 Description of all funding sources and other support received for the development of the framework and the role of the funder(s).
Conflict of interest 15 Description of how conflicts of interest were considered and managed in the development process.